Online course with Dr. Rick Lindal Ph.D.
Clinical Psychologist

An online course that will bridge the divide between your spiritual self and your living reality. This course will provide you with a perspective that may help you understand why our lives are often an emotional rollercoaster, and it will provide new insights that may help you overcome and to grow from those experiences.

Dr. Lindal has been a practicing clinical psychologist for over 40 years. He is the author of The Purpose: Your Soul’s Emotional Journey: Learning how to experience life through a different lens (2014). During the course of his career while working in the areas of individual psychotherapy, couples therapy, family therapy, group therapy, and in the application of regression techniques, such as age regression, past-life regression, life-between-lives regression and entity releasement therapy, Dr. Lindal has developed a theoretical approach to life that is based on spiritual and existential concepts, titled Soul Anchored Living.

In this course the teachings of Soul Anchored Living are introduced in the form of a ‘self-therapy’ format. The teachings are presented in a manner that should be readily understood and beneficial for members of the general public. Clinicians will find these teachings especially helpful, as these teachings provide them with tools that may be incorporated into their work for the benefit of their clients. First responders, veterans, motor vehicle accident victims and medical care personnel, who suffer as a consequence of workplace-related trauma will find this course helpful.

Why Soul Anchored Living?

In order to thrive during difficult times, it is helpful if you have attained a philosophy of life beforehand that provides you with an anchor and a toehold that allows you to pull yourself forward and out of the emotional distress you find yourself in.

Soul Anchored Living (SAL) teaches how this can be done. SAL is based on ‘evidence-based’ psychotherapeutic concepts central to the existential teachings of Logotherapy , and on ‘evidence-based’ techniques developed in Metacognitive Therapy. SAL is a synthesises of these psychotherapeutic approaches. SAL is also based on the teachings discussed in Jane Robert’s Seth Material and in Neale Donald Welsh’s Conversations with God. These teachings rest on the assumption that our consciousness survives bodily death, for which there is now exhaustive ‘empirical evidence’ and ‘evidence-based observation’.

Soul Anchored Living focuses on the age-old questions.
Why must I suffer?
What is the meaning of life?
What is the purpose for my existence?

Answers to these questions are rooted in consciousness, in our awareness of existence. Science has traditionally avoided this area of research and assumed without evidence that our existence is a random occurrence and that our lives have no deeper meaning beyond what meets the eye. Recently, however, with the advent of scientific discoveries in the areas of parapsychology, medicine, biology and physics, the frontiers of science have expanded and discovered interesting observations that demonstrate the far reaches of consciousness and the possible existence of an organizing omnipresent consciousness. An introduction to this research is presented in Module 3. SAL is also, in part, based on this research.

Soul Anchored Living helps individuals integrate the observation and the implication of the ‘survival of consciousness’ following bodily death, in so far as it relates to our purpose for existence and the discovery of meaning during our lifetimes.

Soul Anchored Living provides for a new psychotherapeutic paradigm for understanding the meaning of human existence. It provides an explanation for the emotional rollercoaster we all experience in life and directs us to the discovery of ‘meaning’ following painful experiences by bringing our metacognitions into focus, which allows us the opportunity to confront our dogmas, to analyse our morals and values, and to discover an attitude to life that will allow us to thrive more harmoniously.


  • Your consciousness extends beyond the confines of your physical body.
  • Your consciousness is dimensional and expresses itself simultaneously throughout your lifetime at the level of your ego and at higher levels of consciousness outside our physical space/time dimension.
  • Your consciousness is eternal, and all your memories survive bodily death.
  • The main purpose for having a lifetime is to grow through emotional experiences which you do, in hindsight, through the discovery of ‘meaning’.
  • You have designed your lifetime to be an emotional rollercoaster, in order to discover and to learn about your inner nature.
  • You are the creator of your negative emotions, and you have a choice in how you respond to them when they are strong and overwhelming.
  • You pull yourself forward (from outside space/time) by your soul’s consciousness to experience the specific adventures you, i.e. your ego, encounters on Earth.
  • Soul Anchored Living helps you explore your metacognitive beliefs that may, unintentionally, be prolonging or worsening your symptoms of anxiety, depression, and anger.


This course is 8 modules and entails a series of video presentations by Dr. Rick Lindal, homework assignments and YouTube videos, all of which you can complete at your own pace. The homework assignments involve reading chapters (or listening to audio recordings) from Dr. Lindal’s book, The Purpose: Your Soul’s Emotional Journey, as well as selected Readings for Modules (or audio recordings) from the Soul Anchored Living – Teaching Manual.

This course will take you on a journey that will take between 30 – 40 hours to complete and, hopefully, allow you to reach some of your inner wellness goals. There is no set start date or end date, so that you can study the contents of each Module at your own pace whenever you have time to spare.

Upon completion of the first 7 Modules, you will be awarded a Certificate of Soul Anchored Living, or if you are a mental health professional and elect to complete all 8 Modules, you will be awarded a Certificate of Soul Anchored Therapy (Level 1). This course may be approved for Professional Development Credits and/or Continuing Education Credits by your professional institution.


Everyone will benefit from the teachings offered in this course, provided that they are open to the challenge of questioning their basic beliefs and attitudes about life.

It does not matter from what walk of life you come or from what professional background. All of us experience an emotional rollercoaster in life, and the teachings of Soul Anchored Living will help you cope better with those emotions.

The teachings offered in this course are especially useful for mental health workers as they do offer a useful perspective on life that may be passed on to their clients.






“Dr. Lindal’s extraordinary course addresses some of the most puzzling concerns about existence and the nature of our reality. He explains and expands upon the works of spiritual teachers such as Jane Roberts (The Seth Material), Neale Donald Walsch (Conversations With God) and Victor Frankl (Logotherapy) in a way that makes it easy to understand, and guides you in applying the basic principles to your everyday life. For those with an open mind and a desire to seek truth, this course introduces a philosophy that can help you to become the person you were meant to be. It has been a liberating experience for me, and I highly recommend it to anyone who struggles with negative thoughts and emotions, or seeks an answer to the fundamental question of human existence: Why am I here?”
Tracy Henshaw


$600.00 (tax inc)
4 monthly payments of $150 each.
Sign up and take the 1st Module for $75. If you like it, follow the instructions for the balance of payments (i.e., $525) at the end of that module and continue taking the entire course.
Pay as you go. The 1st Module at a reduced rate of $75, and the remaining Modules each at a rate of $90.

Support Seminars / Additional Training.

Students who have enrolled in this course have an option to participate in biweekly 1½ -hour seminar/support sessions via group videoconferencing for an additional fee of $50 per session. These seminars focus specifically on topics explored within the different Modules.

Pre-registration is required for participation in these seminars. Space is limited to 20 participants. Please email requests for participation to You will be contacted with exact dates and times within a fortnight prior to each seminar.    

(Note: All fees are in Canadian Dollars)
(Note: Standard employee benefits for employee health improvement, or insurance coverage
for psychotherapy services, may cover the cost of enrollment)


Module 1: Overview of Soul Anchored Living (SAL)

  • 1. Introduction to the basic principles of Soul Anchored Living
  • 2. Assessing Your Own Spiritual/Existential Beliefs
  • 3. Theoretical Concepts in Soul Anchored Living
  • Module 2: Review Of Literature On Which The Principles Of SAL Are Based

    • 1. The Seth Material
    • 2. Conversations With God
    • 3. Logotherapy
    • 4. Metacognitive Therapy

    Module 3: Review Of Research On The Pervasive Reach Of Consciousness

    • 1. Consciousness in Quantum Physics
    • 2. Consciousness in Morphic Fields
    • 3. Consciousness in Living Beings
    • 4. Consciousness in Near Death Experiences
    • 5. Consciousness Following Bodily Death

    Module 4: The Source of Negative Emotions

    • 1. Fear / Anxiety
    • 2. Desire, Thought, and Time
    • 3. Dichotomies
    • 4. Intuitions

    Module 5: Core Beliefs

    • 1. Core Beliefs as Determinants Of Our Perceptions
    • 2. Adaptive vs. False Core Beliefs
    • 3. Core Beliefs and Personality Disorders

    Module 6: Discussion Points About the Principles of SAL

    • 1. Purpose Of Our Existence
    • 2. Learning Through Fear and Anxiety
    • 3. Emotional Thoughts

    Module 7: Applying SAL To Your Own Life

    • 1. General Concepts
    • 2. Brief Discussion Points
    • 3. Affirmations

    Module 8: Assessment Considerations for Clinicians

    • 1. For Whom Is Soul Anchored Living/Therapy Helpful
    • 2. Maladaptive Beliefs
    • 3. Cognitive Competency
    • 4. Therapist’s Disclosure
    • 5. Summary

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    This course is 100% on-line. Start whenever you are ready. Work at your own schedule.

    You will have access after you enroll.

    Included is an ebook of Dr. Lindal’s The Purpose: Your Soul’s Emotional Journey as well as additional readings for each module.

    You will get a Certificate in Soul Anchored Living if you complete the first 7 Modules, free of charge.

    If you are a health professional and complete all 8 Modules, you may request a Certificate in Soul Anchored Therapy (Level 1) instead, also free of charge.

    Taking this course can be considered as “Professional Development”, however, it has not been pre-approved for “Continuing Education Credits, as of yet. In the meantime, we encourage you to approach your professional association and ask them to consider providing CE credits for the approximate 40 hours of work that it takes to complete this course.

    Professional Associations that pre-approve this course for CE credits will be listed here, as they become available.

    Many employee benefit packages provide a $ amount per year to be spent on personal health, such as gym memberships, etc. This course will qualify under that coverage.

    As this is a self-therapy course offered by a registered psychologist, your workplace health insurance may cover some of the costs.